New Year, New Henri…in theory

Henri Exercise Jan 2016 1

Like many, Henri often starts the new year hoping he will improve his routines. Exercise for one.

He does a bit of the stationary bike, since he is not one for actually riding a moving bicycle unless it involves a picnic in the French country side with a baguette, brie and no moving cars for as long as the eye can see…

He also alternates between a vigorous walk and a light jog.

Henri Exercise 2 Jan 2016

Lately he has been trying to do more yoga to increase flexibility.

Henri Exercise Jan 2016 3

Henri Exercise 7 Jan 2016 Henri Exercise 6 Jan 2016

Henri loves a good stretch. He does all he can to try to remember the poses. Downward dog, triangle, warrior two.

Henri Exercise 4 Jan 2016

Henri Exercise 5 Jan 2016

After his workout, he does indeed feel like a warrior and quite healthy, especially as he “rewards” himself with a green juice. Only to return home with the promise of a slice of cake and buttercream frosting. The cherry is a piece of fruit, after all.

Henri Exercise 8 Jan 2016